Twin Miracles Editorial offers technical editing services to businesses, organizations, and individuals seeking to ensure that their documents and publications are error-free. I understand that editing technical materials requires a high level of attention to detail, along with comprehension of the subject matter in order to produce materials that are flawless from start to finish.

My experience in technical editing includes:

  • Proposals
  • Textbooks
  • Comparison Guides
  • Audits

Our client list for technical editing includes:


Client Feedback

“Proofread a very long and difficult technical document for us. He was very accommodating with our
 schedule, and he was very efficient with his time. I would highly recommend him.”

 “I would highly recommend him. He did an outstanding job proofreading my book and I will hire him again for
 future books.”

 “An absolute pleasure to work with. He’s prompt, professional, intelligent, friendly, and very easy to
 work with. Seriously, he gets perfect marks on all points. I can’t recommend him enough!”



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