Mission Impossible: Writing About Yourself

Mirror Who Am I WomanUnless you’re a narcissist or a massive lover of words (guilty), writing about yourself is one of the toughest things to do, whether you’re introducing yourself to a new set of employees or employers, redoing your LinkedIn page or resume, or simply crafting a 150-word bio for your company’s website.

A recent client of mine came to me for help with that final task. She was relatively new to a company (two years in), and all of her experience had been with a different firm in a different field. She felt like she didn’t stack up to the long, industry-specific bios of the company’s CEO and Vice-President.

The funny thing was, her LinkedIn page and my brief conversation with her were full of fantastic information. She had an amazing tool box of skills, 20 years of experience overall, and more than 12 as a top-level manager. After doing some research on her company, pulling out some adjectives that her coworkers were using, and running a few drafts, the bio nearly wrote itself.

I’ve actually struggled with writing about my own skills when I first got on Fiverr, which is a lot more of a “sell yourself” website than Upwork. At some point you have to stop worrying about people thinking you’ve got a big head and just unleash your skill set. As legendary baseball pitcher Dizzy Dean once said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.”


Current Project: HERO Sports

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaj2aaaajdy3zjcyzjdllwfinjetndk2yy05mzvhlwm0nzq2nwi2njqxmqI first thought about being a sportswriter when I was 7 years old and NFL legend Earl Campbell came to my elementary school in the prime of his career. I got to introduce him before his speech.

As it happens, I spent a good dozen years as a sportswriter, another four years writing about tennis, and the last four writing about golf. For the last month, HERO Sports has given me the opportunity to get back into writing about college sports and it’s been an absolute treat, catching up on the NCAA basketball, baseball, and softball scene, while also getting to use my love of history to delve into some “Top 10” and “all-time” lists for the guys at HERO.

Current Project: GolfBlogger.uk


It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing about professional golf for nearly four years, but time flies when you’re writing about the likes of Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and more. How do you know when you’re really loving writing about a sport? When you eagerly look forward to each spring to writing the hole-by-hole preview of The Masters just to use Augusta  National’s fantastic 360-degree visualization tool. My favorite moments of the past four years? Spieth’s win at The Masters, Stenson’s fantastic double win of the FedEx cup and the Final Series, and the US’ triumphant win at the Ryder Cup in the fall of 2016.

Living the Dream: Getting Paid to Write about the NFL

It was late May when I noticed an interesting job post on Upwork – “Need a 3,500 article about the Buffalo Bills”. That’s about as unique a job posting as you’ll get when it comes to pro sports – the Bills aren’t exactly the hottest thing going, but I applied all the same and got awarded the job by the team at WinningBets.com– a new sports news site that dabbles in predictions now and again.

They liked my work and I eventually wrote the previews for all 32 NFL teams for 2016. It was as much fun as I’ve had freelancing, and near the end, my contact there asked me if I would be interested in doing game previews for the entire NFL season. I agreed and looked forward to September, only to have them come back with an even better offer – full-time work writing about the NFL daily, news, injuries, lists, previews, the works.

I fell in love with the NFL at age 4 when the Luv Ya Blue Oilers were the talk of my hometown of Houston. I met Earl Campbell when I was 6 at my elementary school and wound up covering college football for 4 years and high school football for 12 more.

Writing about the NFL every day is a joy, a blessing, and I can’t believe I’m getting paid for it. As Chaz once said in Wedding Crashers, I’m just living the dream.

Interviewing the Greatest Generation

First post in 3-1/2 months, yikes, what happened to me!

I’ve been busy is the short answer. The last few months have been great for Twin Miracles Editorial with a lot of fun projects and some fantastic experiences.

Chief among those has been my work for Discovery Living Communities, which began last February and culminated at the end of October with me getting the opportunity to talk to eight residents of these senior living communities who had amazing tales to tell. Over the course of a week-and-a-half, I talked to a survivor of the Holocaust, a former stand-up comedian who had worked with the likes of Jerry Lewis and Lucille Ball, a World War II Air Force gunner, a woman who served as a translator for the US Postal Service and wound up meeting royal dignitaries from all over the world, and most impressive, William F. Lee, of Plano, TX, who worked in the White House during JFK’s administration, had a few encounters with the first family, and stood on the Death Watch after the President was assassinated. Mr. Lee was engaging and informative, you can see an interview with him here on YouTube.

It was humbling to hear his story – which ranged from Korea to the White House to Vietnam. All of these great men and women had lived amazing lives, and it was wonderful to get to share a moment of that history.

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Trusty Sidekick!

TSK flyer_WhoAreWe_USletter_v2-1My absolute favorite project to date for 2015 went live this morning, allowing me to brag about it on my blog finally. Back in late May I was contacted by Jen, a consultant with international experience who had decided to go it on her own and needed a copywriter for her new website, with quite frankly the best name ever – Trusty Sidekick.com

With our common admiration of all things superhero, we had several excellent collaborative discussions on Skype and via email, and I got to do all the copywriting for a super (pun intended) project, writing all of her one-pagers (mini case studies) and the rest.

Her format was so cool that it inspired me to start producing my own one-pagers, which are far less visually spectacular, but hopefully give TME clients and potential clients a little more insight into what I can do.

Best of luck, Jen!


Tiger vs. Jordan vs. Rory – A Comparison

tiger-woods-masters-2015-jordan-spieth-friday-live-blog_t780I do a lot of golf blogging for website golfblogger.uk and in light of Jordan Spieth’s remarkable second Major win this year before turning 21, I did this blog comparing his third PGA season (the one in progress) against those of the other two pre-25 phenoms of the last 20 years on tour – Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.


Check it out!