Beware the “SEO-Millars” Scam!

73924887_455685725I was invited to interview for a job on Upwork yesterday wanting a host of articles every day about all manner of things – entertainment, food, retail advertising, etc. I talked to a lady (I guess) on Skype who was offering $22/500-word article or 25 articles a week – a tidy $550 week.

As the conversation on, my “Danger, Will Robinson!” sensor began to flare as there was no mention of a contract, an agreement, even a website connected to the job. I asked the person at the other end where I could find their website or what the company was called and got the response “SEO-Millars”. I Googled that and found …. nothing. Now, if you know the Internet even a little bit you know that there’s something for every search on it.  I just made up the term “unicorn salad dressing” in my head and a ton of stuff came up.

I was now about 99% sure it was a scam and when I sent the empty Google search screenshot, the Skype contact told me they were partnered with and I should search that website for them. Naturally, Scripted has no search tool because it’s a business. I grabbed the contact’s info, sent it to Scripted’s service desk – which sent a nice response about an hour later stating they were working with Upwork on it – and blocked the party from sending me Skype and Upwork offers.

The moral of this story? The good offers are usually too good to be true. Do your due diligence on any high-volume job offer so you’re not left holding the bag.