Motherhood in Training Pants

tmelogo1.jpgAs any reader of Twin Miracles Editorial’s blog knows, family is the biggest part of my life (hence, the Twin Miracles). It’s always a pleasure to work with someone else who is so committed to family that they’re making a career out of it, and that’s exactly the case with my client Karen, who is building herself a website while also blogging and writing a book about the trials and tribulations of motherhood, with great, simple advice about some of the biggest problems out there today when it comes to child-rearing.


If you have a child under 5 and would like to check out the first chapter of Karen’s new book – Motherhood with Ease: 5 Tips to Creating the Foundation to Effective Discipline, More Laughter, & Amazing Memories – do  her a solid and fill out the following survey, it won’t take but 10 minutes of your time. The survey closes July 29.



Seven Things Only Parents of Twins Understand

Although I’m not a single parent, I do some writing for a site devoted to it. They let me do a little humor writing lately with a piece entitled “Seven Things Only Parents of Twins Understand”