Moving Up in the World – Mixed Media Arts Magazine

Exciting days for me, as I’ve been promoted a second time at Mixed Media Arts Magazine to editor of the whole production. Started this job last November proofreading articles, then got bumped up a couple of months ago to doing an editorial review of all the pages, and now I get to edit, proof, come up with headers and tags and just about everything else.


MMAM 13 cover

Really exciting to have an expanded role in a magazine again, and really cool to be able to do it remotely. It’s a cool thing, this Internet of ours.



Mixed Media Art Magazine

One of the coolest publications we do work for is Mixed Media Art Magazine – focuses on “Artists, Techniques and Tools” and opens our eyes every issue to the amazing ways that people create modern art. We do copy editing for this publication when the writerMMAM6covers have turned in their articles and again when it’s in final proof stage.  Thanks so much to Luisa for letting us be a part of this really cool look at a world we previously had no idea even existed.

Not only is MMA Magazine one of the coolest visual magazines we’ve ever seen, but it also calls Portland, OR, home – one of our owner’s Top 5 favorite cities in the US (of which 4 are on the West Coast, surprise, surprise!).

Check out a back issue of MMA at the Itunes store here.