Check Out “The Stone Gate” free on Kindle

stone gateLast summer I got to serve as editor on Mark Mann’s “The Stone Gate” – a sci-fi/time travel novel that actually had an environmental thump behind it. Great to see it getting some good reviews on Amazon, where you can currently read it for free if you have a Kindle.


A Spooky Book Project Just In Time for Halloween

MJ Crane’ short story “Letters’ gave me the jitters during a night-time edit last week.

Last Sunday, I edited the short horror story “Letters” by budding author MJ Crane. Sitting in my home office a few feet from my wife who was checking out winter clothes for the Twin Miracles, I was expecting to get sucked into plot, but that’s exactly what happened, to the point where I had to remember a time or two that I was supposed to be editing this thing, not just reading it.

With about three pages to go, and the main character inches away from her confrontation against the creepy character who had been terrorizing her throughout the prose, my wife spoke my name to ask me a question, causing me to bounce a good four inches off the seat of my chair.

“Letters” isn’t up for sale just yet, but keep your eyes peeled on MJ’s website – there’s more to come, I know, because I’ve already gotten the call for the second short story!

The Fascinating World of Flash Fiction

flash-fictionI had never heard of Flash Fiction until I was hired by budding author Jennifer Moore to edit three stories of hers that she as entering into a contest. Flash fiction can’t be any longer than 500 words, and most are shorter than that by a good bit.

I wasn’t expecting much from these stories, only to be amazed how much my brain was filling in with details and descriptions of characters, places, etc.

Jennifer’s three stories were awesome – one about a fractured relationship, one about a young person believing they knew everything about life by the ripe old age of 27, and the third about a vile pastry stalking an airplane passenger.

Check out her work on her website!

Michael Cailen – America’s 007

Last spring, we had our first really big-time book deal thanks to the uber-talented Mel LeBrun, author of the 17408853Michael Cailen spy novels. We had the opportunity to edit the second version of her first novel, Black Pawn, and even though we shouldn’t play favorites, we have to say that Mel is probably our single-most enjoyable client – great sense of humor, always open to hearing new ideas and someone we value as a friend as well as a client.

A few months after Black Pawn went back out into the open, she came out with its sequel, Forced Move, which was the rare sequel that we found better than the original. Super agent Michael Cailen and his band of rogues and leading lady took us all over the world to try and shut down a child slavery ring.


Imagine our delight when Mel announced she’d be writing a third novel – and hiring us as her “Editorial Consultant” – which means we get the inside scoop on Michael & Jessica before anyone else.  We’re about 14 chapters in and it’s been a great ride so far!

New Editing Project – Confessions of a War Child 2

Started a new book editing project today Confessions of a Ward Child 2, by a really remarkable 26-year-old authorchaker named Chaker Khazaal, whose first offering came to him after a friend died in 2012 and he wanted to make the world more aware of the tragic stories of children born in war zones. Chaker himself grew up in a refuge camp in Beirut. What a phenomenal thing life, opportunity, ambition and in no small part the Internet play in helping someone like Chaker now be known around the world and have the ability to make this voice and his stories heard.

Have only read/edited a sliver of CoWC2, but wow does this author have talent. He sucks you into the story and the main character within the first few paragraphs. This is the kind of job a freelance editor loves – a really phenomenal work that you’re privileged to 1) read 2) be a part of the finished process.