New Whitepaper Published: “Layperson’s Guide to Hosting Services”

As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, and to paraphrase SNL baseball legend Chico Escuela, “Whitepapers and case studies have been very, very good to me”

A project that came to me right at the beginning of 2015 has reached fruition with Australia’s Elcom publishing the “Layperson’s Guide to Hosting Services.”

It’s a free download if you’re interested, and a great reminder to all freelance writers out there that the death of the newspaper business might just have been the best thing that ever happened to us.



Art Therapy – The Latest Cool Thing I Know Nothing About

One of my most recent clients was a gentleman from Australia who specializes in Art as Therapy for both children and adults. I got to edit and touch up an article he had written for a magazine down under, but the real winner in the deal was me, as I got to learn a lot about this tremendously cool field of help / self-help. His website has a great 5-minute video on how art can be used as therapy that I’d recommend to anyone with an interest in either field.

Attacking Dyslexia Where it Lives: At Home

Late last night I got an email from a client from Australia who I worked for last September on a few articles he was submitting for publication. His name is Michael Clark and he runs a company Down Under that strives to help kids with dyslexia and trouble reading attain success, and goes outside the cultural norm of Australia, which involves a lot of labeling of kids, instead of trying to help them.

Working for clients like Michael, who are motivated to help children through tough times, is one of the best parts of being a freelancer, and given some of the struggles the Twin Miracles – former NICU micro-preemies – have had themselves, it’s exciting to see people out there who aren’t trying to use the Internet platform to turn a fast buck, but instead of make the world a better place.

Regardless of what continent you live on, if you have or know a child with problems reading, take a peek at his blog for some great information that could go a long way to improving someone’s life.

The Plunder from Down Under

static.squarespace.comOne of my favorite perks about being a full-time freelancer is meeting people from other parts of the world. Of late, some of my best clients have come from Australia, a part of the world I previously associated largely with Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee and my Greek third cousins who somehow wound up over there in the 1980s.


Fortunately, my former turn with a UK publishing house has me well-versed in the Queen’s English, and that has allowed me to do some fun work for a host of clients, including Flapjack Media, which has let me not only edit, but now write and start designing a style guide for one of its publications; writing an article about security systems for restaurants for a Perth-based magazine; and editing a large travel guide for international students studying in Australia, which has introduced me to a ton of cool Aussie places, most notably South Redwood’s absolutely amazing looking Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe. Where was that place when I was young and staying out all night?

Thanks to all my amazing Australian clients. We might not ever be online at the same time, but your generosity and willingness to hire me is greatly appreciated!