Cool Project of the Day – Freelancing About Freelancing

What’s better than being a freelancer?

Being paid to write about being a freelancer.

andcoThat’s the gist of a new job I picked up a few weeks back working for the brilliant company ANDCO which is providing freelancers with a free app to serve as their Chief Operator for their freelance business.

The app uses technology and a real-life person at the other end to act as the personal assistant / accountant / whatever else you need for a freelancer – managing invoices, schedules, deadlines, etc. It’s all available through your smartphone and it’s a cool new development that really resonates with how far the freelancing game has come the last few years.

I’m helping out with the company blog, adding a  couple of pieces per week to appeal to fellow freelancers by identifying their pain points, suggesting solutions, and getting cool information about the field out there.

Check it out!