Guys With Cooler Jobs Than Me

I think my job is pretty cool – lots of variety, good hours, availability to spend more time with the Twin Miracles than most dads in the world.


But some guys just have cooler jobs than me, and that’s definitely the case of my latest client Marco Solorio, who owns OneRiver Media, and hired me to edit a nice eBook he wrote comparing a couple of new video cameras entering the market.

Marco is a director/cinematographer who works with equipment that usually costs around the price of one of my cars. But he’s down to earth and very flexible, and was a tremendous guy to work with.


Pro Tennis Players Answer Game of Thrones Casting Call

I like writing about tennis, I love watching (and reading – yep, I know who dies next!) Game of Thrones. http _www.tennisnow.com_Images_tn_itunes_logo


Put the two together, and you have my latest blog for

The Adventures of Freelancing Dad: Episode III – Freelancing Dad vs. The Smoke Detector

Night time is a freelancer’s Fortress of Solitude. All the setbacks and delays that came during the day can be rectified with few hsuperheroours on the computer after everyone else has gone to bed – and let’s face it, those days happen all too often.

One night last week , I figured I’d have about three extra hours to put some time in and really log some quality time. So there I was, using two computers at once while my golden retriever and beagle snored blissfully away on the floor of the office when tranquility base was interrupted by



The dogs both jumped, I almost spilled my coffee and 55 seconds later, and tranquility was no more.

Turns out our front of the house smoke alarm was on its last legs and requiring a battery change. Of course, the geniuses who built our house put it as far up on the ceiling as possible, and with the alarm continuing to alert me to its presence every 60 seconds, swift action had to be taken.

So at 10:45 p.m., with the rest of the house asleep, Freelancing Dad secure the dogs (the beagle’s a runner), opened the garage, opened the front door and dragged the giant ladder into the house. And even at my full height, which is considerable, I had to stand on the second-to-highest rung of the ladder just to reach the smoke alarm, which continued to blare its warning every 60 seconds.

After almost falling no more than 15 or 17 times, I managed to replace the batteries and silence the damn thing. Satisfied that I had stepped outside my liberal arts realm to be a handyman. Ten minutes later, I was back to work when suddenly …



I thought I was certainly hearing things, but a minute later it was back, not as loud, and just one beep instead of three, but defiantly, mockingly it was there. A trip down Google Lane led me to find that this was a common error in smoke detectors – their little computers don’t reset and they still think the battery is low. The site I visited said I could fix this in “3 easy steps” – the first of which was turning off the power to that part of the house; followed by removing the detector completely from its socket.

Hmm, turning off power to that part of the house and then climbing the ladder of death up to the ceiling again in pitch darkness … sounds like a job for Morning Dad.


Talkin’ Bout My Education

Got a great new gig as copy editor for the long-time website Lots of great articles about the state of schools not only in the US, but also across the world with features coming from the UK, Australia & New Zealand, China, and mainland Europe.Having previously covered a big school district during my newspaper days, it’s amazing to see the problems and solutions other municipalities have. Definitely a good reminder that the grass isn’t greener on the other side!



The Adventures of Freelancing Dad: Episode II – Up All Night

So the big draw of freelancing is more time with the family, particularly the titular Twin Miracles themselves. But when everyday superherolife disrupts the work schedule, we find ourselves having to make up the hours somewhere else – that’s the downside of being a freelancer; most clients aren’t to thrilled to hear about what’s going on in your personal life: They want their work done right and on time.

Because of other business, I ended up burning the midnight oil three nights in a row last week, only to have one of the Miracles get so sick she needed a visit to the ER on Saturday night, which resulted in yours truly being up with her until 4 a.m. on Sunday, then sleeping about 3 hours before the other Miracle – perfectly healthy – decided it was time to get up and start playing.

By the time Tuesday night rolled around, I was on a 5-day stretch where my hours of sleep had been 5 hours, 5 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, 5-1/2 hours. That’s 24-1/2 hours over 5 days, or as our beagle calls it, a good day’s rest.

Therein lies the rub of freelancing: How do you find that middle ground between work, family and rest? It’s a tough line to find, but if you don’t, one of your big three – health, family or income – is bound to suffer.


Enterprising Young Men

One of our latest clients is the owner of a Canadian lawn care company who also happens to be a college student. happy

Chris of Local Lawns requested our help with some copy editing / copy writing for his very nice pair of websites that advertise his impressive business in a suburb of Ontario.

There’s nothing we like better than being a small business helping another small business, and we just have to marvel at the work ethic and innovation of this guy, considering we spent our college days going to IHOP at 3 a.m. and playing dorm room games like “indoor baseball” and “how long can I go without doing my laundry?”

That’s a LOT of Big Words!

I’ve done some academic paper proofing in the last year, as well as a few essays  here and there for people seeking to gain acceptance to graduate programs. Our latest client, Adam F., came to us needing a final set of eyes on his dissertation for a doctorate in philosophy from the City University of New York.

The subject? Nothing fancy, just a bit of light reading called “Automated Classification Argument Stance in Student Essays: A Linguistically Motivated Approach with an Application For Supporting Argument Summarization.”

Uh … gulp.

Now truth be told, once we got the basics down, it was a fascinating thing to read, even if large chunks of it did sail far over my head, and I used more in 10 hours than I probably have in 10 weeks.

The result, tremendous feedback from a really nice client who we hope to see again soon.