The Fascinating World of Flash Fiction

flash-fictionI had never heard of Flash Fiction until I was hired by budding author Jennifer Moore to edit three stories of hers that she as entering into a contest. Flash fiction can’t be any longer than 500 words, and most are shorter than that by a good bit.

I wasn’t expecting much from these stories, only to be amazed how much my brain was filling in with details and descriptions of characters, places, etc.

Jennifer’s three stories were awesome – one about a fractured relationship, one about a young person believing they knew everything about life by the ripe old age of 27, and the third about a vile pastry stalking an airplane passenger.

Check out her work on her website!


Mmmmm … Digital Bacon

vincent-homerHad the chance to edit a really innovative book about digital marketing recently, called, you guessed it, Digital Bacon. Written by a really great guy named Alex Rodriguez (not the steroid-abusing New York Yankee), the Bacon is actually an acronym for how to sell your idea online.

I absolutely love getting to edit books like this, because let’s be frank, digital marketing is what every freelancer, myself included, craves these days, and getting free tips while editing a well-written book is a nice way to make a living.


Check out Digital Bacon on Google Books here 

or you can go with his Youtube version here.



Keeping it Concise

conciseHad a cool job with a client named Keenan Payne recently, who was born in a year that I was already in college, and has since developed his own front-end framework known as Concise. Tremendous client to work with – responsive, engaging and receptive to new ideas – really about the best you can hope for when you meet up with someone to work via the web.

Not only did I get to do a lot of editing, but he came back and let me write a press release announcing the program as well, which was fun – it’s probably been 18 years since I had that type of job.

If you want to see what a young entrepreneur is bringing to the table these days, or have a particular interest in programming, definitely check out Concise here and his personal web site here.



The Adventures of Freelancing Dad: I’ve Got the Power (Point)

Powerpoint-Mac-LogoWay back in 2010 when I first ventured out on my own as a freelancer, I figured I should try and learn tricks, being an old dog of 36 and all. One of those tricks was self-teaching PowerPoint, which has turned into a handy tool along the way.

While I probably didn’t actually use PowerPoint professionally for the first year or two after I learned it, it paid off with me getting brownie points at one job for being able to teach others about via slide show, and now I’ve added it to my list of freelance abilities, and have been rewarded with a very nice contract creating a sales presentation for a medical billing company. It’s fun to create things combining text, graphics, photos and the occasional animation, and it looks great in my portfolio for potential future customers.

Long story short, no matter how good you are at the areas you freelance in, keep learning and finding applicable complimentary skills. You never know when you might need them.

The Plunder from Down Under

static.squarespace.comOne of my favorite perks about being a full-time freelancer is meeting people from other parts of the world. Of late, some of my best clients have come from Australia, a part of the world I previously associated largely with Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee and my Greek third cousins who somehow wound up over there in the 1980s.


Fortunately, my former turn with a UK publishing house has me well-versed in the Queen’s English, and that has allowed me to do some fun work for a host of clients, including Flapjack Media, which has let me not only edit, but now write and start designing a style guide for one of its publications; writing an article about security systems for restaurants for a Perth-based magazine; and editing a large travel guide for international students studying in Australia, which has introduced me to a ton of cool Aussie places, most notably South Redwood’s absolutely amazing looking Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe. Where was that place when I was young and staying out all night?

Thanks to all my amazing Australian clients. We might not ever be online at the same time, but your generosity and willingness to hire me is greatly appreciated!

Moving Up in the World – Mixed Media Arts Magazine

Exciting days for me, as I’ve been promoted a second time at Mixed Media Arts Magazine to editor of the whole production. Started this job last November proofreading articles, then got bumped up a couple of months ago to doing an editorial review of all the pages, and now I get to edit, proof, come up with headers and tags and just about everything else.


MMAM 13 cover

Really exciting to have an expanded role in a magazine again, and really cool to be able to do it remotely. It’s a cool thing, this Internet of ours.