Current Project: Storkey Media

4-stages-v8Coming up on my one-year anniversary with Storkey Media, a British-based marketing firm that provides copywriting and other services to a wide array of businesses “across the pond” along with LinkedIn profile writing services.

I started off as a straight editor but as the some of the staff has turned over, I’ve been able to pick up and help on the writing end as well.

This has meant a lot of writing on the British legal system for lawyer referral service Linkilaw, which has been a lot of fun as I’ve had several British clients over the past several years and it’s always fun to brush up on my UK spellings (I still can’t used to ‘tyre’) as well as watch the fascinating aftermath of Brexit unfold.

Living the Dream: Getting Paid to Write about the NFL

It was late May when I noticed an interesting job post on Upwork – “Need a 3,500 article about the Buffalo Bills”. That’s about as unique a job posting as you’ll get when it comes to pro sports – the Bills aren’t exactly the hottest thing going, but I applied all the same and got awarded the job by the team at– a new sports news site that dabbles in predictions now and again.

They liked my work and I eventually wrote the previews for all 32 NFL teams for 2016. It was as much fun as I’ve had freelancing, and near the end, my contact there asked me if I would be interested in doing game previews for the entire NFL season. I agreed and looked forward to September, only to have them come back with an even better offer – full-time work writing about the NFL daily, news, injuries, lists, previews, the works.

I fell in love with the NFL at age 4 when the Luv Ya Blue Oilers were the talk of my hometown of Houston. I met Earl Campbell when I was 6 at my elementary school and wound up covering college football for 4 years and high school football for 12 more.

Writing about the NFL every day is a joy, a blessing, and I can’t believe I’m getting paid for it. As Chaz once said in Wedding Crashers, I’m just living the dream.

Cool Project of the Day – Freelancing About Freelancing

What’s better than being a freelancer?

Being paid to write about being a freelancer.

andcoThat’s the gist of a new job I picked up a few weeks back working for the brilliant company ANDCO which is providing freelancers with a free app to serve as their Chief Operator for their freelance business.

The app uses technology and a real-life person at the other end to act as the personal assistant / accountant / whatever else you need for a freelancer – managing invoices, schedules, deadlines, etc. It’s all available through your smartphone and it’s a cool new development that really resonates with how far the freelancing game has come the last few years.

I’m helping out with the company blog, adding a  couple of pieces per week to appeal to fellow freelancers by identifying their pain points, suggesting solutions, and getting cool information about the field out there.

Check it out!

Could 2016 Finally Be Phil Mickelson’s Year the US Open?

Phil Mickelson took second place at the St. Jude’s Classic on Sunday, fueling speculation that he’s primed for a run at the US Open title this week at Oakmont. Of course, when you’ve finished second six times, odds are that you’re suddenly going to break through at age 46 (Phil’s birthday is Thursday) aren’t so great.

Still, Mickelson is one for the ages, and unlike Tiger Woods has stayed healthy and competitive into his 40s. I broke down Phil’s place in history as a runner-up and revisited his six near misses at the US Open in my latest blog at GolfBlogger.UK today.



Interviewing the Greatest Generation

First post in 3-1/2 months, yikes, what happened to me!

I’ve been busy is the short answer. The last few months have been great for Twin Miracles Editorial with a lot of fun projects and some fantastic experiences.

Chief among those has been my work for Discovery Living Communities, which began last February and culminated at the end of October with me getting the opportunity to talk to eight residents of these senior living communities who had amazing tales to tell. Over the course of a week-and-a-half, I talked to a survivor of the Holocaust, a former stand-up comedian who had worked with the likes of Jerry Lewis and Lucille Ball, a World War II Air Force gunner, a woman who served as a translator for the US Postal Service and wound up meeting royal dignitaries from all over the world, and most impressive, William F. Lee, of Plano, TX, who worked in the White House during JFK’s administration, had a few encounters with the first family, and stood on the Death Watch after the President was assassinated. Mr. Lee was engaging and informative, you can see an interview with him here on YouTube.

It was humbling to hear his story – which ranged from Korea to the White House to Vietnam. All of these great men and women had lived amazing lives, and it was wonderful to get to share a moment of that history.

Freelancing in a Digital World … and I am a Digital, well, guy, but still

When I started Twin Miracles Editorial three years ago, most of the jobs I pursued were of the editing and proofreading variety. Why? Because we had two little babies at home, and my brain was better suited for being able to pick out comma splices and run-on sentences a lot better on less sleep than it was coming up with innovative leads, compelling copy, and majestic marketing pieces.

The Twin Miracles are now three years old which means a little more sleep for America’s No. 1 superhero, Freelancing Dad, and here lately more and more writing work has come my way, particularly in the form of creating copy and content for any number of digital technology sites as more and more people go into business for themselves as consultants, designers, and the like.

As little as two years ago, I probably couldn’t have told you jack squat about the advance of digital technology in business, but a random job copy editing for Australia’s Inside SAP (I miss working with you, Freya!) followed by a six-month stint as an editor for Techopedia opened up my eyes and got parts of my mind humming again that had previously only been used to measure out baby formula and try to remember who last pooped when.

Now the digital writing jobs are coming in fast and furious, and it’s a great time to be a freelancer as more people strike out to be their own bosses and run their own show, but still need help making it all sound sophisticated and smart to potential customers.

If you’re in the market for copy or content writing for your digital business, check out my services page for more information on what I’ve done and how it’s been received, or simply contact me at or on Skype at TMEditorial.

New Book Project: The Amazing Story of Willie Green

In 1983, a Los Angeles man named Willie Green was arrested for stealing a television set. While in jail, he was placed in a police line-up without cause, identified by a witness who had never seen his face, and ultimately sentenced to prison for a crime – murder – he did not commit.

Through a remarkable sequence of events, Green was released from prison and his named cleared in 2008. He famously left the jail and was given a cell phone to speak to a loved one, only to hand it back to his lawyer, having never used one before.

There’s a lot more to WIllie’s life than his time in prison though. He grew up in rural Mississippi, and became involved in the Civil Rights Movement in Chicago in the 1960s, marching with Martin Luther King, Jr., at one time.

He also became a driver to the stars when he made to Los Angeles, meeting Michael Jackson and others.

I’m thrilled to be involved in the project to bring his life story to light, and will be adding more updates as they come about over the next three months.