Twin Miracles Editorial offers editing services for works of fiction and non-fiction. I have edited several best-sellers as well as a novel that was featured in USA Today.

My services range from simple proofreading and line editing to complete, substantive editing where we work with authors on everything from dialogue to plot logic to theme and pacing to make these works the very best they can be prior to publication or re-publication.


Black Pawn – Spy/Thriller

Forced Move – Spy/Thriller

The Melting Man – Crime/Thriller

Heart Song – Historical Romance, mentioned in USA Today, April 2013.

Super Heroy – Fantasy / Science Fiction

Time Up – Fantasy / Science Fiction

Confessions of a War Child: Lia – Fantasy / War / Spiritual


The 5-Star Business Network

Excellence: The Path Chose

Those With Vision Lead

High-Octane Mentoring

Shout in the Right Direction

Unleash Your Greatness

Unleash Your Leadership Power

Improving Employee Benefits: Why Employees Fail to Use Their Benefits and How Behavioral Economics Can Help


Treknology: Star Trek’s Tech 300 Years Ahead of the Future

C# Tutorials: Programming in Visual C#

The Ultimate Comparison Guide to URSA and CION


How To Live with an Alcoholic and Still Enjoy Your Life

Hoard No More Rescue Book

Beating Bed Rest

The Expert’s Guide to Divorce and Property Division

Fitness & Nutrition

Sports Nutrition for Youth Athletes

Diverticulitis: Pain-Free Foods


All Godless Here: The Golden Age of Horror 1930-1939


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