Mission Impossible: Writing About Yourself

Mirror Who Am I WomanUnless you’re a narcissist or a massive lover of words (guilty), writing about yourself is one of the toughest things to do, whether you’re introducing yourself to a new set of employees or employers, redoing your LinkedIn page or resume, or simply crafting a 150-word bio for your company’s website.

A recent client of mine came to me for help with that final task. She was relatively new to a company (two years in), and all of her experience had been with a different firm in a different field. She felt like she didn’t stack up to the long, industry-specific bios of the company’s CEO and Vice-President.

The funny thing was, her LinkedIn page and my brief conversation with her were full of fantastic information. She had an amazing tool box of skills, 20 years of experience overall, and more than 12 as a top-level manager. After doing some research on her company, pulling out some adjectives that her coworkers were using, and running a few drafts, the bio nearly wrote itself.

I’ve actually struggled with writing about my own skills when I first got on Fiverr, which is a lot more of a “sell yourself” website than Upwork. At some point you have to stop worrying about people thinking you’ve got a big head and just unleash your skill set. As legendary baseball pitcher Dizzy Dean once said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.”

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