Travel Hounds Unite for “2-1/2 Cents Worth a Million”

One of the things I miss most about print journalism is holding the physicalnico cover.jpg representation of all your hard work in your hands. True, paper fades over time, but seeing the articles, headlines, photos, and design of newspaper sections and magazines that I had produced always gave me an extra feeling of accomplishment that the digital world has never been able to replicate.

Thus, I was super pleased on Wednesday to find a package in the mailbox from Honolulu and a recent client of mine, author Nico Crouch. I spent the last few months of 2018 and the first of 2019 editing Nico’s two-volume Earth-wandering, surfing, and self-discovery novel “2-1/2 Cents Worth a Million.”  The book went on sale on Amazon two months ago and is clicking along with a very nice 4.1/5.0 rating to date.

acknowledgmentsNico was the best kind of author to work with – patient, transparent, and most of all willing to set ego and ownership aside to make the book better. We never had an argument, we had discussions where we agreed to either change things or leave them as is. I’ve edited more than 50 books in my 6+ years as a full-time freelancer, and that sort of author is a very rare bird.


Nico was generous enough to include me in his acknowledgments, autograph a copy of his book, and it hurtling across the Pacific Ocean to my house. My old print journalism brain is happy today.

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