New Client: Chore-ology

Using a housekeeping service is an amazing thing. My wife was using one when I first one_day_time_earlyharrington_-p_2015met her and I thought it was an unneeded luxury until that first Saturday I was the dusting everything including the top of the refrigerator because I’m tall like that.

My new clients Mat and Anastasia run a housekeeping and handyman service in Seattle and were putting together a new website and wanting lots of content. I pitched Mat on not only your standard “services and home page” but also a few blog entries that had some humor in them to set them apart from the rest of the pack. Because, let’s face it, nobody outside of Marge Simpson or Ann Landers wants to read a 500-word blog on vacuum cleaners.

They loved the idea and of course, writing with humor is right up my alley, so I went full-bore into it, churning out five blogs including “Great Moments in Cleaning History”, “An Appreciation of Dirt”, and “TV’s Greatest Housekeepers and Handymen.”

That last one was clearly showing my age, as if you’re under 35 you’ve only seen the Top 5 in action on Nick at Nite, led by #1 Dwayne Schneider from “One Day at a Time.”

Regardless, writing the blogs first let me write the rest of the stuff better than I would have thought possible, as keywords provided by the web designer combined with some research of the market made for some insights I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Moreover, the job came just days after a long-term client went dark for two weeks, so you have to love getting not just a new job, but a fantastic job when you’re in that sort of a lull.

The new website just went live, so a plug is still in order. Thanks, Mat!

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