Cool App of the Day: Spike Email

Full disclosure: I’ve written two blogs for the manufacturers of Spike email, including a spike-emailreview of it, but after trying it out for a week it’s become a part of my desktop.

Spike calls itself conversational email, and that term makes total sense. Your email conversations look like text messages, down to the “…” on the screen when the person you just emailed is emailing you back.

It’s a really clean look because it wipes out all the headers and signatures and messages from previous emails. You’re talking to the person and they’re talking back, that’s it.

I also love how quickly you can delete multiple messages. My bane on email is letting stuff sit in my inbox that should be in the trash, but I get so many messages a day they just fall back a few pages. Spike lets you search and destroy those emails all at once.

It’s got a ton of other features that I haven’t really explored yet, but it’s a great looking and handling software that was fun to write about and has been very efficient to use.

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