An old Upwork vet gives Fiverr a go

When you get going as a freelancer, you’ll eventually hit a lull. Or two. Or seven. When work dries up, a natural reaction is to hunting for more, leaving your traditional venues behind and trying to get as much coverage for yourself as possible.

fiverr-logoWhen this happened to me during 2017, I took a suggestion to sign up for Fiverr. I submitted some of my work in hopes of joining their Pro program and filled out my profile and portfolio on their site. About a week later, my work picked up and I largely forgot about Fiverr until this past spring when I received a notification that I had qualified for their Pro program.

Upwork has been great to me and I’ve got many clients who have transitioned off there into a Paypal-based relationship with me. Still, we like to cover all our bases and I got on Fiverr to see what I could do. The learning curve was really steep for me. Preparing gigs and selling myself seemed inherently backwards after all my time spent scouring Upwork for jobs, crafting cover letters and getting myself a really strong rating and following.

I won’t lie, it took me more than 2 months before I finally got my Fiverr profile and gigs approved by a very helpful CSR, then another 3 weeks passed without anyone even sending me a message (other than spam) on the sight.

Finally, a breakthrough, a chance to interview an Israeli author and write a story about him. The process went smoothly over 48 hours and they loved the piece, which is what matters most.

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