Sometimes, you just have to turn the computer off

Summers can be tough on full-time freelancers because the peace and quiet you get used to during the day can vanish in a heartbeat and take a three-month vacation.

Such is the case for me with the Twin Miracles and my wife all out of school/work from late May to mid-August. My home office very quickly goes from Tranquility Base to the asteroid field that the Millenium Falcon flies through in The Empire Strikes Back.

That was the case Friday morning when my wife woke up barely able to talk with a miserable sore throat. That left the Twin Miracles under my direct supervision, and after taking about 2-1/2 hours to finish an article that would normally take me one, it was clear it was going to be one of those days.

So for once, I just embraced it. Friday day work would have to become Friday night work, and my gratefully put on my full-time fun dad hat. The Twin Miracles and I hit up McDonald’s for lunch, a local play place, and picked up a dessert pick-me-up for their mom on the way back home.

I took the laptop along for the ride, with dim hopes that the play place would offer wireless, but that was a no go as well, leading me to catch up on my mad skills in both Hearts and Solitaire while the girls played dress up, climbed towers, and emulated the best of the World Cup on a miniature pitch.

And now I’m working late on a Friday night, but truth be told, I work a lot of Friday nights.  Freelancing is all about flexibility, even if it’s flexing your family muscles not your professional skillset.

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