Breaking Up is Hard to Do – When You’re a Freelancer

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a client if you’ve worked together for any reasonable length of time and success.

It’s counter-intuitive to leave someone who’s paying you for your services, because, it’s money! We make our living by finding clients who are willing to pay us for our services. It’s a hustle, a competition, and any other buzzword you want to slap on it. Cutting ties with someone who regularly exchanges their dollars for your sense (get it?) just feels wrong.

But when it becomes harder and harder to justify continuing the relationship, that means it’s past time to go. For me recently, it was a missed invoice payment that broke the camel’s back. I invoice once a month and the payment comes out on the 16th of the following month. Except that this time it didn’t, and with no advance warning, just a “Oh sorry” email the night it was due to be paid.

The promise of payment the next day became promise of the week after. Five long days went by without the intended money, making me very aware of how many late nights I had spent poring over jobs for this company to hit its deadlines, only to rewarded with “sorry…”

It wasn’t the first time this had been the case, but definitely the longest. When I contacted the founder to state my imminent departure he countered with an offer of more money .Now that just stinks, because it tells me you knows me you are aware I’m worth more…you just aren’t going to pay it.




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