It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Trusty Sidekick!

TSK flyer_WhoAreWe_USletter_v2-1My absolute favorite project to date for 2015 went live this morning, allowing me to brag about it on my blog finally. Back in late May I was contacted by Jen, a consultant with international experience who had decided to go it on her own and needed a copywriter for her new website, with quite frankly the best name ever – Trusty

With our common admiration of all things superhero, we had several excellent collaborative discussions on Skype and via email, and I got to do all the copywriting for a super (pun intended) project, writing all of her one-pagers (mini case studies) and the rest.

Her format was so cool that it inspired me to start producing my own one-pagers, which are far less visually spectacular, but hopefully give TME clients and potential clients a little more insight into what I can do.

Best of luck, Jen!


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