The Evolution of the Employee

employee graphicOne of my contacts on LinkedIn had this great looking graphic on their page today, and I felt like sharing it because it is a great reflection of Twin Miracles Editorial and the path I’ve been able to forge the last few years as a full-time freelancer.

  • Work anytime? Check, I’ve edited books from 9-to-5, and yes from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m, too!
  • Work anywhere? Check, my house, the doctor’s office, Starbucks (yum!), waiting in lines, waiting at the DMV, sitting in my truck outside a McDonald’s that one time when our wireless was out at home …
  • Use any device? So far just my laptop and my wife’s desktop, but it’s good to know I could if I had to.
  • Focused on outputs? Yep, every project I do results in something being created – whether it’s a new version of something old, or completely original work. It’s very fulfilling.
  • Create my own ladder? Maybe the best part. Who’s the president of your company? Me. The CEO? Me again. The janitor? Well, also me, but hey at least I get paid the same salary as the owner!

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