Behaviorial Science – the latest cool thing I knew nothing about

Behavioral science is at the core of Dr. Stephen Wendel’s new book on HR benefits.

As my wife will all too readily tell you, there’s a lot of subjects I know nothing about – fashion, making lists, not being a moron, etc.

One of my favorite common themes in being a freelancer is getting to take part in projects concerning subjects I know nothing about, and finding them so remarkably fascinating.

The latest entry in that line is the field of Behavioral Science, which I came across while editing Dr. Stephen Wendel’s new book, “Improving Employee Benefits”. Dr. Wendel works for HelloWallet, and what I thought was going to be a dry read going in turned into a real tour de force of breaking down exactly what makes us tick as people when it comes to HR benefits that most enjoy at their jobs.

The books contains some really tremendous graphs, charts and insight into the human condition as it applies to our ability, or lack thereof, to make big decisions on things that matter – health insurance, financial savings, our own health and fitness, etc.

If you’ve ever worked in HR or just enjoy some tremendous insight into your own self, I’d highly recommend giving it a read.

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