The Plunder from Down Under

static.squarespace.comOne of my favorite perks about being a full-time freelancer is meeting people from other parts of the world. Of late, some of my best clients have come from Australia, a part of the world I previously associated largely with Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee and my Greek third cousins who somehow wound up over there in the 1980s.


Fortunately, my former turn with a UK publishing house has me well-versed in the Queen’s English, and that has allowed me to do some fun work for a host of clients, including Flapjack Media, which has let me not only edit, but now write and start designing a style guide for one of its publications; writing an article about security systems for restaurants for a Perth-based magazine; and editing a large travel guide for international students studying in Australia, which has introduced me to a ton of cool Aussie places, most notably South Redwood’s absolutely amazing looking Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe. Where was that place when I was young and staying out all night?

Thanks to all my amazing Australian clients. We might not ever be online at the same time, but your generosity and willingness to hire me is greatly appreciated!

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